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We are constantly adding to our database which contains more than 40,000 respondents from all over the UK. We speak to each potential respondent before they are added to the database and we make sure that they are lively and articulate and able to make an effective contribution to your research. We collect more than 100 items of consumer information so that we can quickly identify the correct respondents for you. We can select respondents by age, gender, socio-economic group, shopping habits, and health status as well as identifying brand ownership, banking and insurance customers and many other categories.

We’ve recruited for:   Projects have included:  
Groups Phone interviews Government surveys Health issues,Mums & Babies
Depth interviews Algorithm Sexuality Fem Care
Online research Accompanied Shopping Cars Media, Mobiles, Broadband
Workshops In- Store Recruitment FMCG/Food and Drink Financial products
List recruitment Blogs Computer games Holidays &Travel
Ethnographies   Online gaming Social Deprivation
Pre-recruited hall tests   Charities Academic resesarch