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What is a focus group?
A focus group is an organised discussion designed to discover your opinions or attitudes towards a particular product or service. A moderator will guide the session so that the topic of interest is explored and the participants are encouraged to talk about their responses and reactions. Focus groups are a way for companies to get feedback on packaging, advertising or design of products.

Where do they take place?
Usually focus groups take place in specially designed studios that are equipped with two way mirrors and have audio and video recording facilities to record all comments made by the participating respondents.

What do you get out of these focus groups?
You get the chance to express your opinions about the products and services we use every day. Your opinions will affect decisions made by manufacturers and designers. Sometimes we are commissioned by government departments to find opinions on all sorts of social issues. You will receive a payment for your time and you may find that you enjoy sharing your opinions and engaging in stimulating discussions.

How do I join?

Call us on 0208 337 6317 during office hours. We will ask you about your lifestyle and consumer habits and record the information on our database. When you fit the requirements for a particular focus group we will call you.